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About Our Pastor
 “But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.  For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by revelation of Jesus Christ.”
Galatians 1:11-12

Pastor Monte’ L. G. Dillard, Sr. is a man who was seemingly born with odds opposite his favor.  Born on October 24, 1981 to teenage parents, it appeared that nothing good could come out of this very complex situation.  However, what appeared to be a victory for our adversary was in essence an opportunity for God to do something that was so great that only He could get the glory for. 
Pastor Dillard was born and raised in Gary, Indiana and faithfully served First Church of God Gary for many years as a Young Adult Pastor/Young Adult Sunday School Teacher, Worship Leader, Mime Ministry Leader, First Church’s Board of Christian Education and in all other needed capacities.  He diligently served the Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Robert McClure, Jr., shouldering his burden when necessary and praying for him without cease.  Supporting his Pastor and serving the people of God were his focuses during his time in Gary.

His primary focus is his family.  He and his wife Tina are the blessed parents of three daughters, Nia Monét, Kennedi Leigh, Morgan McKenna and one son, Monté L. Dillard, Jr.  Believing Malachi 2:15 which says, “And did He make one…wherefore one?  That he might seek a Godly Seed.”  Pastor Dillard’s strong belief that the church is only as strong as the family makes maintaining a Godly home his first ministry.

On November 14, 2010, the First Church of God Christian Life Center located in Evanston, Illinois voted to accept Pastor Dillard as the New Shepherd for their house.   Truly God’s hand was in that decision.  Moses was dead, and God knew they needed a Joshua.  Pastor Monte’ Dillard is the Prophetic Joshua taking FCOGCLC to higher levels, and preparing the body for a new dimension.  Pastor Dillard is an anointed and blessed man of God who has a heart for God’s people.

As God continues to guide his life, he daily yields his earthly vessel to the full capacity of the Holy Ghost, allowing him to direct his family and the ministry of Jesus Christ to a seemingly unreachable world.