Membership Services


Ministry Mission Statement
We, the First Church of God Christian Life Center Membership Services Members, are charged to reach out to every member of the First Church of God Christian Life Center to articulate the value of each member as being an important and necessary branch to the Body of Christ.  Our goal is to assist our Pastor in being “informed” of the “pulse” of his members.  We are equipped and charged to help church members, old and new, understand that we care for them and would like to hear from them regarding any trials and/or victories they might care to share.  We are committed to establishing a strong communication multi-channel team, connecting members with church leaders as the need arises.  We further pledge to be diligent and trustworthy in communicating with members as described and as we have been assigned to do.  We pledge to maintain and build church membership and to let not one get away.  We lead with patience and integrity, and we exemplify the love of Christ in all we do.

Ministry Team Leaders:
Sister Angela Balcom
Deacon Glen Gordon
Sister Ann Spencer
Minister Karen Taylor

Team Members:
Minister Cheryl Butler
Sister Murielle Harris
Sister Carmen Jacobs
Deaconess Linda Ridley
Minister Patricia Smith
Deaconess Joy Teril

Contact Information
Phone: 847-866-7050 Ext. 204
fax: 847-866-7075