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                                                                                                                                                    Rev. Valerie Y. Riley



Rev. Valerie Y. Riley serves as the Director of the Ministerial Development Institute (MDI) for First Church of God Christian Life Center. Rev. Riley is responsible for managing, directing, and providing instructional oversight for MDI. She is also responsible for the implementation, development and design of instructional curriculum and the training/development of ministers.

Rev. Riley is also a teacher for Cross Roads Academy and is a licensed professional counselor for Safe Haven Counseling Ministry at FCOGCLC.


Rev. Riley was licensed and ordained in 2011 by First Baptist Congregational Church where she served in the capacity of Assistant Pastor of Christian Education.


Rev. Riley is a Psychotherapist who blends spirituality and psychology in her preaching as well as in her practice of clinical counseling. She is known for her passion and commitment to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as an Afrocentric religious scholar and to the development of women in ecclesial and secular leadership roles.


Rev. Riley holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Masters of Divinity and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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